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I don't know what that means.

we'll be Scully and Mulder

27 February 1987
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I'm an alumna of North Carolina State University as of May 2009.
I am a claims adjuster for Nationwide Insurance as of November 2010
I'm the oldest of four kids.
I'm from Ohio (mostly), but I moved around a lot growing up.
I'm a born and bred Northerner, and yes, I do the believe Northerners are making the South smarter one person at a time.
I'm a huge fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes football program.
I'm a massive Cleveland Indians fan.
I'm a fan of the Cleveland Browns even if they suck.
I love NCIS, particularly the character of Ziva David.
I am also a fan of the show Bones though I do believe that the newer seasons have lost some of the early magic that made the show so special.
I believe the TV show Castle stole that magic because that show rocks.
I will always be a fan of the Gilmore girls no matter how long its off the air.